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Each piece is made by a recipient of HUGS Clay.

Our most recent addition is 'Tyre Track' made by two year old Marlo with the help of his favorite toy car.
The clay's shape and imprint  changed several times as Marlo joyfully drove his car back and forth over the clay.

Tyre Track
By Marlo Shurman
May 2021
Devon UK
Family of Four.jpg
Family of Four
By Ruth, Adam, Lucy & Sam February 2021
Devon UK
The Monty Jewellery Bowl.jpg
THE MONTY Heart-shaped Bowl
By Zara Appleyard
January 2021
Yorkshire UK
By Lu La Buzz
November 2020
Devon UK
Open Heart 1.10.21.jpg
Open Heart 1/10/21
By Stacy Hatfield
January 2021
California US
Mimi Bear jpg
Mimi Bear
By Finn Leadsford
September 2020
Devon UK
HUGS Goddess
HUGS Goddess
By Tati Dennehy
December 2020
Devon UK
Window Creatures
Window Creatures
By Wayne & Louise
August 2020
Devon UK
The Wise Woman.jpg
The Wise Woman of the Bovey Basin
By Louise Jenner
August 2020
Devon UK
Rolo's Paw .png
Rolo's Paw
By The Secret Adventures of Rolo
August 2020
Wiltshire UK
Heart Impressions by Fleur
Heart Impressions
Fleur Littlebigtree
July 2020
Devon UK
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