The Wise Woman of the Bovey Basin

We have a new addition to HUGSgallery 'The Wise Woman of the Bovey Basin'. Her body is swathed in earthen robes and her arms reach out to embrace you. She is the creation of Louise Jenner The Dream Biz Coach. Louise lives at the heart of the Bovey Basin, her house is built on clay and her daily walk takes her along a river path where clay is exposed.

In June, Louise accompanied me on a Clay Adventure at Stover Country Park. Together we explored the site and its underlying Bovey Clay which dates back 30 million years. The Bovey Basin is a special area of Devon - deemed by many to contain the best Ball Clay in the world. It extends seven miles from Bovey Tracey to Newton Abbot and reaches depths of 1300 meters. HUGS Clay is part of this prized sequence of clay.

In the making and naming of her recent creation, Louise pays tribute to the clay and draws upon her own lived-in knowledge. Thank you Louise, your Wise Woman is a welcome addition to HUGSgallery.

Photos by: Louise Jenner and Lu La Buzz

Top left: 'The Wise Woman of the Bovey Basin'

Right: Louise at Stover Country Park in the Bovey Basin

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