HUGS Story

by artist & founder Dr Lu La Buzz

wrap step 4.jpg

I have worked with clay for more than 25 years. It is my life's passion, so in the depths of lockdown I naturally turned to the clay for meaning and reassurance. At home and cut off from my usual sources of clay, I turned my attention to a small piece of  HUGS  which had been given to me months earlier on a quarry visit. At the time I was amused and delighted by the clay's name - it was so endearingly oddball.


During lockdown, the name became more crucial - more relevant. At a time when touch and physical affection was denied, HUGS clay became an emblem of love and positivity. I decided to send clay packages out to other people - so they too could experience the tactile and creative qualities of HUGS clay.

The Gallery was a natural progression - a place where recipients of HUGS clay could share their completed creations with others.

Each pack of HUGS clay is lovingly  wrapped in eco-friendly, sugarcane packaging.

If you would like to learn more about me and my clay offerings please go to my main site. Clayside Callings


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