HUGS clay

HUGS is a special type of clay known only to clay workers in the Bovey Basin, Devon. It occurs where two distinct seams of clay merge together and become one.

HUGS is part of a larger sequence of clay called Ball Clay. This rare clay is 30 million years old, it was formed from Dartmoor granite in the Oligocence. During this period of Earth's history areas of the granite were eroded and washed into flood plains and lakes to settle. This became the Ball Clay we know today.

Ball Clay from the Bovey Basin is shipped to countries throughout the world. It is prized for its plasticity and strength. You can learn more about its history and what it is used for on this excellent website: The Ball Clay Heritage Society

Bovey Basin quarry face

Ordering HUGS Clay

If you would like to order a specially prepared pack of HUGS clay for yourself or as a gift for someone else click on the link.

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