Get Creative

One of the joys of HUGS Clay is it's re-usable: create your item, take its photo, send it to the HUGSgallery as a permanent record - and then (before it hardens) squish it together and make something new. Just remember to add a little water, to keep your clay soft and pliable.


But if you want to preserve your creation why not experiment with various finishes to seal it? French Polish (shellac) works well and is another gift from Nature as it's refined beetle-poo!


And there are many other materials worth trying out. Have a go on a spare piece of clay to see how it looks before applying the finish to your artwork.


Finally, to make a hard and permanent object, HUGS Clay can be fired in a pottery kiln to 1120°C. A domestic oven won't work, unfortunately, because the transformation won't happen at less than 550°C. if you are planning to fire your clay you will need to knead it first to remove any air-bubbles.

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